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Good Sushi - Ichiban Sushi Lounge

I have not been here at night but for lunch this place is great. I met a rep here for lunch and we had some great sushi in a nice quite atmosphere. Service was great and friendly and took care of our pop refills in a timely manner. In case you have not guessed that is a very important thing for me. I don't want an empty pop at any time during my meal.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/21/09


Chips and Salsa - Azteca Mexican Restaurants (Downtown)

I love chips and salsa and they are even better with a margarita. Azteca is a great place to have lunch or meet up after work. I think they have some type of taco night on Tuesday.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/20/09


Popeye - The Onion (Downtown)

I have never been a huge fan of The Onion, probably because of their clientele, but I do like a good burger. I was in there the other night and I did enjoy an unusual combination of ingredients between an onion bun. For anybody who gets easily fed up with the usual beef, tomato, pickle, lettuce, and mayo combo, you would be pleasantly surprised with the "Popeye Burger". This sailor's burger has a basic meat patty, spinach, grilled onions, bacon, and slivered almonds which is all topped with a lemon hollandaise sauce MMMMM...add their mouth-watering coleslaw, a pile of fries, and a dill pickle to the mix, and you almost have perfection in the form of a very unique and new way to serve up an old American favorite. Check it out after seven so you don't have to pay to park or head over to the North-side locale.

Posted by: on 03/20/09


Mango Madness - Didier's Yogurt and More

I have been coming here since I was a very small kid on Tuesday for their deeply discounted medium dish of frozen yougurty goodness. Back then it was 99 cents on Tuesday. Now, I think it's more like a $1.69 but still well worth it. Their target audience is the Whitworth students right across the street. So, if you don't mind all the college folks and a jam packed little café, head on over on Tuesdays for the good deal and try one of my favorite flavors, Mango Madness. For those of you that are diabetic or lactose intolerant they have sugar free and dairy free to fulfill your fancy, oh and by the way, Mango Madness is sugar and dairy free, so feel good about indulging. Its madness, I tell you, madness!

Posted by: on 03/20/09


Heavenly Baklava

Okay, I am not writing about this place solely because my friend owns it, but because it is really tasty and one of a handful of restaurants that far north that isn't a chain, which makes it a place that should at least be attempted instead of heading over to Red Robin, again. If you go there, I mean, when you go there, you need to get the baklava for dessert...oh my god...pure honey from the gates of heaven. They serve it slightly warmed and, Hail Mary, it's divine. I fancy gyros and I have had a seafood and lamb one, which both proved to be delightful. I would never really write about a restaurant's house salad, but theirs is really good. Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, kalamata olives, feta, and a pepperchini plus a flavorful Greek dressing make this my favorite house salad anywhere. In summer you can sit out on their patio and they have just recently started hosting some music. It's a unique restaurant for that part of town and it should be embraced for their Greek/Italian/Mediterranean feel. When you go in, say hi to Justin and tell him Princess Penny Pincher sent you.

Posted by: on 03/20/09


Arm Drippin' Good - Santorini Greek Cuisine

I stopped by here the other day because I was downtown, I was hungry, it was lunchtime, and they have lamb gyros, which just happen to be a secret indulgent of mine. I ate it while walking downtown; the juices ran down my arm, and it was blissful. This is my favorite place for gyros because I can walk in and pick it up and I don't have to be seated and waste my lunch hour. Mmmm Mmmm good.

Posted by: on 03/20/09


Happenin' Place - The Satellite Diner

Besides Shari's and Perkins, The Satellite is the only restaurant to go to late night that will serve you up some food, except all those 24-hour fast food joints. If I remember correctly they are open until 4am Friday and Saturday. They serve up regular diner fare but check out the French toast that is served with cream cheese and fresh berries. I have yet to go to The Satellite and not see someone I know, it happens every single time. The waiters like to turn the tables really fast so if you aren't going to order, don't bother going, they will ask you to leave. Also watch out for the bathroom, last time I was there the lock didn't work and the whole restaurant was staring at my ass when someone prematurely opened the door. Good thing everyone was still inebriated from partying it up so I blended in. All in all this is the "it" place to be in downtown Spokane after a night of drinking and a good place to be to unwind before your drive home.

Posted by: on 03/20/09


Bachelorette Party - Irv's Bar

If I was gay and I wanted to go to a bar with a bunch of other people that where gay, this is where I would go. This is a pretty cool bar where you can dance and not get hit on by men, if you're a woman. They have cheap drinks and good company. I know this a weird reason to like a bar, but of all the outdoor smoke areas; theirs is by far the coolest. It's outside but it's in between the two old buildings so you feel like you are among the cracks of the structure. Men, if your woman wants to have a bachelorette party, send her here, she will have no problems and you can sleep comfortably.

Posted by: on 03/20/09


Gracias - DeLeon Grocery and Deli

I happened upon the North-side location after I drove by it a few times and I saw that it said "Authentic Mexican Food." That statement peaked my interest and I decided to go, this was before it was really cool to dine here. I was thrilled to see that it is a market as well as a deli. Now, I don't pretend to be an aficionado on food from countries I have never been, but I can tell what tastes good, and this place tastes good, muy bueno. I had a burrito and since I had never heard of the place or seen a review for it, I assumed it would be humdrum; I was wrong, muy wrong. By the way, my Spanish is limited to muy, mucho, bueno, gracias, taco y burrito. This burrito was awesome, I would say one of the best I have ever had and I was shocked to hear that nobody knew what the hell I was talking about when I tried to tell them where it was. Just so you know, it's on Francis a few blocks east of Division, and there is another one by Heroes and Legends downtown. All I have to say to the makers of De Leon burritos is gracias, mucho gracias.

Posted by: on 03/20/09


Go Zags - Chairs Public House

If you are a Zags fan there is no better place to be. Except maybe in the Kennel.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/19/09


Apples to Apples

I had a great time meeting my favorite people and playing a game of Apples to Apples over some $1 PBR's. I have to admit though, the swarm of Lewis and Clark underage hipsters can be a bit much, but the art, music and low key vibe make for a nice distraction. This was definitely just the first stop in the night. As much as I love getting drunk on $5, I kinda feel bad for subjecting the bartender at our next destination to our board game and cheap beer buzz. But I suppose it was either that, or stay at Empyrean and drunkenly get a tattoo I would regret from the tattoo shop in the back of the bar. Sad, how those seem to be my only options.

Posted by: on 03/19/09


Reggadreknilc - Clinkerdagger

What the hell does Clinkerdagger mean? Is it someone's last name? Does it have to do with a short, sharp knife that is clinking? Is it Reggadreknilc spelled backwards, and if so, what does that mean? I still don't know its definition after a few Google searches and an exploratory hunt on their website but what really skins my knuckles is that my spell checker doesn't recognize this curious little word, and its beginning to make me itch. I guess this all doesn't matter, what does concern me is the awesomeness of their Happy Hour. Their appetizers are half off, and I know when I get a large dish of king crab artichoke dip and house made bread for $7.50 that I should praise the Happy Hour Kings, or Princesses, what-have-you. I had a yummy cranberry mojito, and I don't like mojitos, for $4. They also have $4 glasses of wine and draft beer for all you winos and beer guzzlers. The only downside is that they close early, but that's okay, just head over to Scratch for their late night Happy Hour.

Posted by: on 03/18/09


casual or sexy time, please

The only place downtown I can think of where on a Wednesday night I can take my mom out for a drink and then the next night meet my secret "date" I don't want anyone to know about for a night cap. Perfect lighting, amazing happy hour appetizers, and great service keep me coming back for more at least once a week. And I can keep my Mom happy and my love life quiet with a martini in tow the whole time.

Posted by: on 03/18/09


Beer, Beer, Beer - The Swamp Tavern

All hail The Swamp! I dig this little bar, mucho. It's unfortunate that they don't really serve much food, but I love the poppin' popcorn machine that cracks out loads of FREE yellow kernels of goodness that you can season with your choice of salt. What they lack in a food they make up in beer. I don't like beer, so it's imperative for a bar to serve the bitchy ones, and bitchy beers they have. My favorite is a Watermelon Bacardi or the Raspberry Framboise. For all the folks out there who like real beer, you shall be satisfied. They have some beers on tap and also a very, very large selection of bottled beers. Don't come here for liquor, this is a true tavern, as they only serve beer and wine. We usually head out there on Sunday nights to play pool and in the summer they open up the patio in the back that is equipped with a huge fire pit. Massive amounts of beer, pool, and a big fire outside, what more could you want? Music! And The Swamp delivers. Currently they have a blues night and periodically they have some other groups that they will book, mostly bluesy, R and Bee-y, rockster, kind of stuff. I have never been to New Orleans, but this is the impression they are trying to make, hence the music choice. Give it a try, it's a cozy, intimate little bar and is one of my personal favorites.

Posted by: on 03/17/09


Renaming Division - Tomato Street (Northside)

This is my go-to restaurant when all else has failed. I love their food, I love that their menu rarely changes; this means I can always get the same thing if I want to, every time. I have not partook of their bar or even ventured into it, but from the drink menu on the table it does look more than decent. My favorite thing to have here are the smashed sandwiches...delicioso. My parents took my family here when we were kids back when it was Tomato Brothers. I think there is a certain fondness in my heart for this restaurant because I loved it so much as a kid and couldn't wait to doodle all over the table while we waited for our food. The service here is always spot on and it's a great place to take the kids. I love this joint so much that I think they should rename Division, the road it inhabits, to Tomato Street.

Posted by: on 03/17/09


Da Bomb - Raw Sushi & Island Grill

I love Raw. Mainly because I love sushi and alcohol and I can get both here. I bring clients here for lunch so I can expense it and I go out here at night so I can watch Karaoke and hang out with my friends. The sushi is great especially "Da Bomb."

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/15/09


Kill the Keg

Now, the blue spark is not usually my kind of place to hop in for Happy Hour, mainly because they only have bar food, and I am a total Happy Hour-er for the deeply discounted food to match my extremely shallow pockets, but Sunday night they have multiple serial drunkards trying to kill the keg for $1 a pint. Since the Blue Spark has "no crap on tap," as they tout on their website, you know you will be getting your hard-earned moneys worth.

Posted by: on 03/15/09


Late Night Cuisine - The Satellite Diner

Well, well, well. I can honestly say that I have never had a drink at the Satellite Diner. I have, however, eaten many meals there that were all after 2:00 am. This place is great, just make sure that if it is cold out you don't sit by the door. I think this is really the only place besides old reliable Taco Bell to have some food to help absorb some of that alcohol you have been drinking all night.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/14/09


Cat Scratch Fever - Scratch Restaurant and Lounge

Is there anyone else out there who sings "Cat Scratch Fever" whenever they walk past this downtown restaurant? Well, maybe you don't, but if you ever see me there, remember Ted Nugent and his crazy naked ass. Anyway, back to what I am supposed to be talking about, Scratch has a fairly extensive Happy Hour menu that includes great deals on some appetizers (the calamari is a steal) beer, wine, and not to be forgotten, martini deals. On top of their regular Happy Hour they also have a late night HH starting at 10pm. Now, if you are anything like me, which I hope your not, it took me a few hundred times for the light bulb to go off that the reason they named it Scratch, is because everything is made from scratch. I thought they all had psoriasis or something, I think my light bulb needs to be dusted and the cobwebs swept away. Not to get distracted, but this whole "scratch" idea is really cool and they infuse it into everything. Even the Lollipop Martini comes with a homemade sucker. Don't be a sucker, be a lollygagger, and lolly your way into Scratch.

Posted by: on 03/14/09


St. Patrick's - Steelhead Bar & Grille

We had a great time down at the Steelhead for their annual O'Steelhead celebration. We had one of those Lizzie's Famous Hot Dogs and a couple of very large green beers and enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/14/09


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