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TappaTerrific - The Game

Hello everyone. I had the opportunity to stop by Uno the other afternoon for their happy hour and I was not disappointed. There is a special menu with all the Tappas on it that is 50% off. We feasted on amazing food for very little coin. Worth the trip but it does not open until 4:00 so you will have to wait until then.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/02/09


when I'm serious - Clinkerdagger

When I am being serious about happy hour, I go to the bar at Clinkerdaggers and since their happy hour only goes from 4-6, I have to get their at 4:55 and I have to be serious about ordering my food and drink before 6. This gets a little crazy when I know I want to drink 2 drinks (okay fine, sometimes it's 3 and I can't drive home so I have to get a ride and then figure out how the heck to get back to Clinkerdaggers at 7:30 in the morning, but whatever, alcohol makes you think that's an easy operation when it really isn't). But the deals are amazing, I always get a $4 cocktail or wine and then 3 appetizers at around 5 bucks. I always give into the sweet potato fries even though I tell everyone that I won't have any and then they show up and I eat a dinner plate size of them. This place gets crowded....seriously crowded, so just get there right after work or whatever it is you're doing. Enjoy, it's delicious.

Posted by: on 04/01/09


Garland - Brown Derby Tavern

If you are hanging around the Garland area in need of some drink then look no further then the Brown Derby Tavern. It's a small place but it is just what you are looking for in a neighborhood bar.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/28/09


SSYP Event - Herbal Essence Cafe

Although Herbal Essence does not have a happy is still a fun place to meet and have a drink. We had some appetizers and the artichoke dip was phenomenal.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/26/09


Mr. Panda - Dick's Hamburgers

Not only is the name cool (we all love the name) but so are the whammys and fries. Although it is littered with folks with cardboard signs and people spanging (for those of you who don't know, that's slang for spare changing, yea I'm cool) they've got an awesome, down right delicious, gut bustin, grease-ball, heart-attack in a styrofoam box, burger au perfection (said with a French accent), called the whammy. It is my absolute, at the top of the list, favorite place to go to get a burger in this town and it's like $1.29. Does it get any better??? Now, their fries are shrouded in controversy, you either love 'em or hate 'em. I love 'em, especially with their tartar sauce. I can get my favorite peanut butter banana milkshake, a whammy, and a small fry for like $4. Cant beat that, no sir. Dick, Mr. Panda, the hamburger extraordinaire, I love you and your whammy.

Posted by: on 03/25/09


Yummy! - Tacos Tumbras

If you have not experienced this place then you are missing out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/25/09


Real Mixology - Bistango Martini Lounge

I have been to this hip little bar a few times and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I was completely amused with their decor and use of space and not to mention the extensive and unique martini menu. They turn mixology into an art. Every martini is hand crafted and huge. If you like art and martinis this is where you wanna be. Details are key at this classy martini bar in the heart of downtown.

Posted by: on 03/25/09


No Purchase Necessary - Bigfoot Pub and Eatery

I will be updating my blog whenever I find a bar or restaurant that offers anything free, meaning, no purchase necessary. Bigfoot has a free popcorn machine! Rock on! Load up on the salty delight and then stock up on some beer from the bar while you play some pool. Bigfoot has been there forever, I remember my mom telling me stories about when she use to go there when she was just a tot. So, if you like good old-fashioned pubs that serve up free popcorn and are actually open until 2am, this is the place for you.

Posted by: on 03/25/09


Booze, Food, Pies...Oh My

My family and I went here for an early lunch about a week ago. We were taken aback by the huge amount of stocked bottle beer and local wines. They have an impressive inventory for what use to be a fruit stand when I was a kid. You are welcome to pick out a bottle and drink it while you dine in or you can mix and match a six-pack to go. The food we had was good with typical diner fare of burgers, club sandwiches, and fish and chips. Some of the more creative choices are the deep fried green beans served with ranch and the beer cheddar soup served with beer bread. They will be open later in the summer and will have a fire pit out on the patio so you can drink your 22oz under the stars that you can actually see because of Mcglade's Northern location. If you get out there, they have some yummy in my tummy hard cider, make sure you get one to drink with one of their frozen homemade apple pies you can take home.

Posted by: on 03/25/09


Driving with Chopsticks - Gordy's Sichuan Cafe

I stopped in here for lunch, to go, one day when I was driving all over the South Hill. If you aren't looking for it you won't see it, so keep your eyes peeled. I got the chicken chow mein and it was gooooood. The veggies were fresh, crisp, and not overcooked or mushy and the sauce was unique, not store bought. I ate it in my car, while continuing to drive all over the South Hill, with chopsticks and it was deliciously messy. Is there a law against eating chow mein with chopsticks while driving? If not, there should be, which would leave you no other option but to eat in their restaurant, and what a good option that would be. It's small and charming and is decorated with local art. Gordy's is a tiny hidden jewel among a city of crappy Asian cuisine. Make this your new favorite place, you won't regret it.

Posted by: on 03/25/09


Tassel Socks - Northbowl

I don't really understand why they call this place Northbowl when its not really north, Lilac Lanes should be called Northbowl. What I do know is that Sundays are a happenin' night. For $6 a person from 9-midnight you get to bowl for two hours and this includes your shoe rental. It's a damn good deal and the alley is always full so try to get there early to reserve your lane. Don't forget your socks though, it will cost you $4 for a pair but on the plus side they have a cute tassel on the back that shows off the curviness of your ankles so wear shorts if you forget your socks.

Posted by: on 03/25/09


Swirled Rye - Alpine Bistro and Bakery

We live within walking distance to this little bistro/bakery on Monroe. We have gone there a few times, mostly to pick up a loaf of their swirled rye bread that is massive in size and baked fresh for $4. We have also gotten some tea. My husband is a nut for loose exotic teas; his favorite is at this bistro. They serve up omelets, quiches and things of that nature. If you take a stroll through Riverfront Park pop out on the northwest area of the park and scoot into this cute cafe.

Posted by: on 03/25/09


Sweet Happy Hour

All day Wednesday Aqua has their happy hour goin on. $5 sushi rolls and $2 pints of Stella. It's like a slice of heaven and it is just right downtown. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can watch Finding Nemo on the big screen as you eat a spicy tuna roll.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/25/09


Great Lunch - Something Else Deli

Something Else Deli has been around for a while, probably because they focus on a few lunch items and do them very well. This is not a fancy place but it is a great place to meet and have lunch and they even let you order ahead online so it is ready when you get there.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/25/09


Little Gem - Little Garden Cafe

My mom took us to this little cafe for breakfast a while back and it is absolutely adorable. My husband had some loose tea that he picked out from about a dozen different choices and we all had some kind of salad or sandwich too. Very cute and comfortable and is kid friendly as well. Since it's right across the street from Audubon Park it would be great place to pop into and have a morning coffee or an afternoon breakfast after a walk in the park.

Posted by: on 03/24/09


Pot of Gold - The Melting Pot

I have heard good things about this place so my husband and I decided to spend our 1st anniversary here and we were not disappointed. I checked out their website which is totally cool, even if you never go to the restaurant, at least go to their website. We had a four course meal which included a cheese fondue of your choice served with veggies, granny smith apple, and bread, a salad of your choice, the main course which included, beef, chicken, pork, lobster, shrimp, ravioli, and a myriad of dipping sauces and then there was the dessert...oh the dessert. You are allowed to choose which style of chocolate fondue you want, once you settle on that they bring you brownies, rice krispies, bananas, Oreo encrusted marshmallows, angel food cake, strawberries and the entire kitchen sink to dip into your bowl of paradise. We were there for about 4 hours and spent $100 including the tip, a photo they took of us, and an anniversary card that was waiting for us at the table. We didn't think this was so bad, about $12.50 an hour per person for a great experience. The ambiance is beautiful and very private so it's perfect for a special occasion. Check out their happy hour where 2 people can get 2 martinis and split either a cheese or chocolate fondue for $22. That's a damn good deal and well worth just the atmosphere. Melt into a pot of deliciousness, I dare you.

Posted by: on 03/24/09


I was thinking of... - Something Else Deli

No, you weren't thinking of somewhere else, you where thinking of Something Else. I stopped by here on my way to work for lunch a couple weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised. You really wouldn't expect a deli in its location and I have driven passed it a million times and never seen it, but I definitely see it now. I just had a regular old sandwich but you could tell that it was fresh and it hit the right spot. They have a hodgepodge of different kinds of house made salads ranging from green salad to potato, macaroni, and fruit salad. Grab an espresso and have a sandwich or scratch made soup and trot along back to work.

Posted by: on 03/24/09


On Fire - Sparky's Firehouse Subs

I grew up on a farm and we had Velveeta and ham sandwiches everyday at noon. Now that I am older I have continued with the sandwich fetish but I have liberated myself from the artery clogging Velveeta. I love sandwiches that are different and that you can't get everywhere you go. I had a turkey sandwich with fresh bread, sprouts, cream cheese, and cranberries...the sparks flew. This is a local and cute little shop and I like to support local shops over the ubiquitous Subways and Quiznos. Do it!

Posted by: on 03/24/09


All About The Innards - Neato Burrito

I used to stop by here on a regular basis when I worked downtown and get the chicken Thai burrito. All of their ingredients are fresh, well cooked, and they have a rather large assortment of toppings for the innards of your spinach tortilla (or whichever tortilla you may choose). The peanut Thai sauce that goes in the burrito that I always get is spicy and should be used sparingly for the weak mouthed. That burrito is positively neato. My sense of humor is quite peculiar and the staff here always seem to get it, which is a plus for me. That usually means that they are weirdos too and I like weirdos and...burritos. If you ever walk passed this little shop connected to the Baby Bar stop in and unleash your inner burrito lover.

Posted by: on 03/24/09


wine wine wine - Luigi's Italian Restaurant

I had to try to think of a place to meet my friend on Tuesday...and then I remembered Luigi's and their happy hour...especially that on tuesday the wine is half off..and then I remembered how much I love wine. And then I remembered how much I love Suzie the bartender, she makes me feel SO taken care of, I'm not kidding. I feel like when I was a kid and I wanted to stay home sick another day even though I was fine just because my mom paid so much attention to me...Suzie is very attentive. But, in a good way, not in the annoying server way. Anyway, back to wine. I always order a bottle..and pay about $12.

Posted by: on 03/24/09


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