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Open Mic

If you're looking for the best place to find local music in Spokane, look no further than the Empyrean. Not only that but they are truly one of the best places to get your coffee fix in Spokane. Whether there is a show that night or an open mic, there are always great indie tunes pumpin'. They even have local art on consignment so if you're looking for something beautiful to put above your bedpost, check this venue out. Though not really a bar, they do provide cheap deals on tasty beers.

Posted by: on 04/21/09


Hill's Beer Taps - not for NOOBS - Hill's Restaurant and Lounge

If you decide to go drink beer at Hill's (Main & Washington), you better be in the mood for some of the finest beer available. I met some peers (MOL) Tuesday evening and I must say that stopping after only two CHOPPERS RED ales does not sit well with your old Uncle Hop Job. This stuff reminds me of the Red Alt that the Fort Spokane Brewery (RIP) used to serve. I must have MOAR.

Posted by: on 04/21/09


Music and fun - Bluz at the Bend

Bluz at the Bend is a fun restaurant and bar. They have a great stage and if you don't want to listen to the band the place is big enough to go to the other side and play some pool or just hang out. Good bar food and good beer.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Old Reliable

The Blue Spark is always someplace you can go. If you have been hanging out at Raw or Jimmyz or Uno and want to have a beer before you head out, this is the place to go. I have had a great time here last Halloween and last St. Patrick's Day. Great place and lots of fun.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


It's Still There - C.I. Shenanigans

I really just want all those people who never get around the convention center to know that C.I. Shenanigans is still there and just as good as ever. It is a great place to sit and have a beer especially with this nice weather and you can sit on the path by the river and watch all the babes walk by. Super fun!

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Fun Little Bar - Tonicx

Tonicx is great. Even if you are Downtown or on the South Hill you should check out Tonicx. It is a great little bar right next to the pita pit. They have some healthy pita snacks and a good selection of alcohol.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Lettuce Wrap - P.F. Chang's China Bistro

P.F. Chang's has a great atmosphere and great food. They also have some pretty fun drinks on the menu. Even though the lettuce wrap is a little difficult to eat it is yummy and fun because you get to try it a few different ways. You don't get too much more convenient either, since it is right across from River park Square. Lettuce Wrap, drinks and a movie or shopping, do you need anything else?

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Fun on many levels - PJ's Bar and Grill

PJ's is great because you can drink on about 5 different levels in this building. You walk in, step up, step down to the bar and order, then you have your choice of where you end up to finish the drink. I have not eaten here so I can't tell you anything about that. I would imagine they have great bar food. Don't be fooled by the door either, this is a fun place.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/18/09


Food and Fun

Where else can you watch Finding Nemo while you are eating sushi? It is actually fun in a weird way. Don't forget to stop by after work for a drink and some food.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/17/09


At the corner of Cedar & Liquor-Store - Sushi Yama (Downtown)

My agent in the field did a drive-by this morning and informed me that Sushi Yama is now open! You may remember this place as the Arctic Circle at the corner of Cedar & Liquor-Store, which has just opened as the newest sushi joint in the Downtown area. My agent in the field and I met for a light lunch, which was a Sushi Sampler ($15), a "Las Vegas" roll ($10 and SUPER GOOD) and a couple pieces of the swordfish nigari. This was the toughest lunch decision I've made in a long while, because their menu is quite extensive! It was decided that the next time I go, I will have to try one of their Korean dishes, which looked quite appetizing. I can hardly wait.

Posted by: on 04/15/09


Humongo - Ionic Burritos and Cosmic Quesos

I stopped in Ionic Burrito the other day on my "tour de happy", and got this monstrous burrito. I mean monstrous. So massive that I ate part of it there, and felt that I was making such a pig of myself, getting it all over my face and nose and I think a little sour cream got in my eye, that I asked for a to-go box to eat it at home. They have a very large selection of toppings and choices, including, 6 different tortillas, 3 bean choices, 6 different protein options, and a huge selection of veggies and different hot sauces. They also serve beer and wine, my guess to keep the thirsty Zags happy. On their website you can download an order form and fax it in to get your burrito to-go. As their ad declares, "size really does matter", they aren't lying, their burritos are humongo.

Posted by: on 04/14/09


Good Beer - Steam Plant Grill

If you are not aware of the Steam Plant Grill then you need to be. They brew their own beer that covers the gamete of tastes. They are located in the Steam Plant which is a super cool place. Make sure to head down to check it out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/11/09


Summer is officially around the corner - Elk Public House

I just got word that the Elk Public House is all set to open their patio today. Time to ring in the beginning of sunshine season with a moon burger, side of corn pasta salad and maybe a mojito or (bloody mary). No better way to enjoy the warmth and watch the comings and goings of Browne's Addition. Let it shine!

Posted by: on 04/10/09


Perfectly Hot & Naughty

Stopped by Aqua for a quick snack on Friday afternoon with the girl of my dreams. I made sure one of us had the spicy tuna roll - I love it when they say "spicy" and they mean it. With no wasabi added, these rolls have a chili-kick that is perfectly hot and naughty. Adding a bit of wasabi kicks it into an experience that no spice lover should miss out on. I cooled off with a TWO DOLLAR Mac & Jacks, and she couldn't pass up the Pyramid Hefeweizen for the same price. Aqua's HappyHour is currently 4-6pm, and all day on Wednesday, with a 10-midnight thing Thurs-Fri-Sat. Their happy-hour menu is pretty long, with some nicely-priced sushi rolls and other great apps. I suggest you graciously accept their generosity in the near future.

Posted by: on 04/10/09


Wednesday = "Hump Day" - The Baby Bar

Every Wednesday I get sporadic text messages from various friends saying, "bby br 2nite?" or "OMG BABY BAR!!" Usually my responses go something along the lines of, "Sorry but I can't get drunk on a Wednesday night!" But then I get the follow up texts of, "...but it's dollar Pabst and dollar Grilled Cheese," at which point I usually cave and proceed to the Baby Bar. Entitled Hump Day and with good reason, I always enjoy myself Wednesday nights. Last Wednesday I was pleasantly surprised with the local DJ, James Pants, kicking out the dance tunes. The best part is there was no cover! The owners of the Baby Bar must really understand this current economic downturn because they are always having free entertainment. It's almost as if they are shooting to becoming the poster child of with their great deals and free entertainment. Keep it up Baby Bar, we love thee.

Posted by: on 04/08/09


Dance Party - Jimmy'z Fine Food Spirits and Lounge

Had a great time last night at Jimmy'z. I really like the dance floor because it does not take very long to fill up so I can hide my ridiculous dance moves.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/04/09


VIP Central

This place is pretty fun but you gotta dress the part. Usually a good group of people here. I am hoping the really like the site and want to make me an honorary member of the Super VIP Area with the lockers. :)

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/04/09


Cinco - The Game

We went to Uno last night, and by we I mean, Lord of Libations and his two lady tykes, and then later I met my husband there, Prince Sloshed Skinflint. I partook of this happy hour twice last night, and as Jamaicans say, if its nice play it twice, so I did. I am definitely giving them cinco stars for the overall experience, down right excellent food and presentation. First off I would like to say that they have an extensive happy hour food menu, larger than most places you will see. If you love happy hour more for the food and less for the booze, then this is the place for you, although they do have $5 premium wells. We started out ordering four different appetizers to share and we were pleasantly surprised. All the appetizers are half off so you can get the delicious bistro fries served with a cheesy chorizo sauce for like $3.50. We also got an olive sampler with pita for $3, a goat cheese and pesto, balsamic glazed mushrooms, sundried tomato and olive tapenade, and a Spanish hummus sampler for $4, and chicken skewers for $3.50. Once Prince Sloshed Skinflint showed up, he order a flatbread pizza with pesto, goat cheese, roasted mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, pine nuts and white truffle oil, that set him back a whopping $3.50. For the quality of food this place has to offer, you get the most bang for your buck here. So, remember cinco stars at Uno.

Posted by: on 04/03/09


Combo # 9 - Cathay Inn

Remember back in the olden days when you use to get free tea in those metal tins at all Asian restaurants? Well, now most places make you pay for it, and I can tell you that really alters my ego. But, at Cathay Inn, the tea is free, and never-ending, and tasty. I went there for my great aunt's 85th birthday party, I know, a total snooze fest right? Well, it wasn't too bad, not bad at all. I got the combination platter which had chicken chow mein, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, deep fried shrimp, and an egg roll, all for around $13. This is obviously no happy hour price, but they do have a happy hour in their lounge. For the amount of food we got (I ate it for lunch the following day too) it was worth it. The service was spot on and that's hard to do for a party of around 40 people. Who is Cathay though? That's my only concern. 5 minutes later... I just looked it up, Cathay isn't a person, it's an alternate name for China. So, ya, pretty much I am a total idiot. And no, I wasn't born in Spokane.

Posted by: on 04/03/09


unexpected - Jimmy'z Fine Food Spirits and Lounge

One might think that you go to Jimmy'z just on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night (or all 3 when you're having one of THOSE weeks) and you get your groove on and patrol the scene for the hotties that line the bar...something you may not know if this is your schedule is that Jimmy'z is open all week and has really good food, seriously good. Aaaaand, they have happy hours that are particularly affordable...I was shocked when I received my bill. Thursday is Ladies Night...and it is pretty fun to be a lady at Jimmy'z on out though, those vodka sodas go down too easy and the next thing I know I'm performing my 5th grade jazz dance routine, but that's okay. I am a wicked dancer.

Posted by: on 04/03/09


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