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Multitude of Martinis - Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar (South Hill)

I recently had a chance to spend a night out with two of my best friends and talk about old times. We decided to meet where we always meet when we want to reminisce, Twigs. Twigs on the south hill is the perfect place to bring a date, take the family for dinner or just hang with friends. The girls and I love our martinis and Twigs has many to choose from. You will find the atmosphere appealing with a charming bar area that has a fireplace for the winter and an alluring outdoor patio for the summer. The food is fabulous. I recommend the quesadillas. If you get there in time for Happy Hour enjoy discounted martinis, beer and a great menu. I suggest you make Twigs your next night out. The only thing you will fret about is which one of the delicious 38 martinis you should order!

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/13/09


Good Atmosbeer

The Blue Spark is a great place to hang out with friends and have a beer or something a little harder. You have the backside of the place to hang or if you want a little more excitement stay up top in the main bar area. Last night we hung out, had some beer, and had just a plain old nice time. Lots of people to entertain and it doesn't hurt that the bartender is smoking hot! :)

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 05/09/09


Great People - O'Doherty's Irish Pub and BBQ Cater Co.

Last night at O'Doherty's we were actually sitting at the bar talking about what a fun place this is. I have frequented this place on several occasions and I had yet to see someone sing on the bar counter to add their dollar to the walls. Last night I got to see 3 different people in a row. It was fun and the whole bar got into it and cheered for them.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 05/09/09


Cinco De Mayo - Rancho Viejo (South Hill)

Yesterday was my favorite holiday, Cinco De Mayo. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla, in which a ragtag group of Mexican fighters soundly defeated the French army on May 5, 1862. But in modern times the day has become a time to celebrate Mexican heritage. I decided to celebrate at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Rancho Viejo on 57th, with a nice cold margarita. Ok, maybe two. I met my friends there around 5 and the place was already hopping. That did not stop my beloved bartender Jose from handing me my Rita on the Rocks on cue. They know me by name there. Happy hour is from 2 to 7 and you get Mexican Beer and Margaritas for only 3.50. That is a price that is hard to beat! You can find a full sized bar with plasma television sets which is great for GU games. The service was fast, furious and friendly even with the overwhelming crowd. It was a great night with scrumptious food. Thanks Rancho for helping me live the la vida loca!

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/06/09


Everything you ever wanted in a store! - Bottles

Beer and wine drinkers of the valley rejoice! Bottles is getting more variety and tastings every month. If you haven't been to their location at 3319 N Argonne Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99212 I highly suggest it. They have a huge beer selection, some great Ciders, and more wine than an uneducated lout like me knows what to do with. They will answer any questions you have and give you ideas if you tell them what you like. I was impressed with the selection of Northwest Microbreweries represented here as well. Even some rare finds from Rogue. A great way to spend part of your afternoon.

Posted by: on 05/04/09


Many people, few dancing, but plenty of good food and drink - Wild Sage

Adonis didnt do Bloomsday this weekend but to keep with the spirit, I ran seven miles Friday and worked up a good appetite for that night. Aphrodite and I first stopped at Zolas for a bit of after work people watching. Aphrodite enjoyed the signature Zola-Tart-Tini; Pineapple/7-up infused with Stoli Razberi. I partook in the $1.00 drafts of Bud Light as part of the happy hour. $1.00 beer is hard to beat. After enjoying some company with friends downtown, we eventually headed up to Wild Sage American Bistro on 916 W. 2nd Ave. The 9-Close happy hour is popular one with us as we enjoy a bite to eat right before engaging in whatever debauchery the night may have in store. We had the Sirloin Skewers, Navajo Fry Bread, 2 whisky sours and left with change after tipping from our twenty dollar bill. When we were ready to hear some music and dance we headed over to Uno Super Club & Lounge and Marquee Lounge. Music was good, lots of people, but nobody was dancing. The streets and bars were filled with a very chill vibe leading to mostly socializing being done. Not your typical night of dancing, but we enjoyed the people, friends and atmosphere that both places brought. These places never fail to disappoint. Tune in midweek for the Adonis plan for the next weekend. Dont forget your Mothers as next Sunday May 10th is Mothers Day!

Posted by: on 05/04/09


Oh Luscious Luna - Luna Restaurant and Catering

I had the pleasure of checking out Happy Hour with friends at Lunas last night and I was not disappointed. I was thrilled to see the menu consisted of 5 dollar meals. Wow, in this economy who would not love that? We loved the pizza!! The martinis were tempting at a discounted price as were the 4 dollar glasses of wine. If beer is your thing, they have a lot to choose from. Make sure you say hi to the bartender as all the servers were more than gracious. When the sun comes out you will love the outside patio. This will be your new favorite place to meet friends after work. See you there.

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/03/09


Wonderful Wallaby - Outback Steakhouse (Valley)

Do you need to relax after a long day of shopping at the valley mall? Does a cold frozen peach beverage sound like the perfect ending to your shopping spree? Walk over to Outback Steak House for their wonderful Wallaby peach frozen house drink. They have a nice size bar area that consists of both booths and tables. Appetizers are plentiful if you are looking for a light snack. I enjoy the coconut shrimp. The Outback is known for their Wallaby but they also have great frozen margaritas. I sometimes enjoy mixing the two together. After a long day of shopping, you really should stop in for a Wallaby

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/02/09


TGIF: An Adonis Odyssey

The weekend is here and Adonis and his Aphrodite are excited to try a few new places. The Wild Sage is on the list for tonight as well as the Marquee Lounge. Join us at these spots or be sure and check out the rest of the great deals on See you all Monday.

Posted by: on 05/01/09


Irish half and half - O'Doherty's Irish Grille

Stop into O'Doherty on any afternoon and you will find 2 kinds of people. Those who are in love with the place, and those that are there for the first time. The atmosphere screams small town pub but the menu is where the goods are at. If you're a beer lover there is something for everyone. Classic half and half with Guinness and Harp, microbrew, and even the big names if you must. For those of you looking for more from the motherland, try a Smithwick's or get 2 fingers of Jameson neat. Once you have business out of the way get down to pleasure. The paistie is outstanding, the BBQ sandwich is amazing, and even the Irish Dip is better than most. Top it off with their cheese fries and you're in for a long afternoon of being full and happy. This isn't for you calorie counters, I suggest the shepherd's Pie.

Posted by: on 04/30/09


Beer Spotter - Trout Slayer Ale - Morty's Tap and Grille

My reliable source informs me that Morty's Tap & Grille has the Trout Slayer Ale (from Big Sky Brewing) on tap, as well as the Longhammer IPA and the Manny's Pale Ale. The cute bartenders make the trip south totally worth it.

Posted by: on 04/30/09


Stone IPA at the Baby Bar - The Baby Bar

Heads up all you HOP HEADS - The Baby Bar has STONE IPA on tap - oh yeah. "A well-behaved IPA" for the Baby-Bar Tuesday price - it just doesn't get much better, really.

Posted by: on 04/29/09


Beer Spotter - Dales Pale Ale at Flamin' Joes - Flamin' Joes

My agent in the field informs me that Flamin' Joes has Dale's Pale Ale and Pipeline Porter ON TAP. See you there!

Posted by: on 04/29/09


Beer Spotter - - Waddell's Neighborhood Pub and Grill

My agent in the field reports some MAJOR good beers on tap at Waddell's on South Regal: Moylands IPA, Hop Henge IPA, Immortal IPA, Slipknot IPA, DogFishHead 90minute IPA, Terminal Gravity IPA, Anderson Valley IPA, Alpha Dog IPA, Hop Devil IPA, Guinness, Young's Chocolate Stout, Hoegaarden, and the Bass Pale Ale. All these AND the **Guinness 250** which is the original recipe that was brewed 250 years ago. (they are calling it their Anniversary Beer)

"I'll get my hat."

Posted by: on 04/29/09


All about the Atmosphere - Catacombs Pub

I was lucky enough to go to one of my favorite restaurants that oozes ambience. If you have not been there you must take your sweetie. I went there with mine for their terrific happy hour menu. First let me get to the most important part of the night, their fabulous raspberry martini. You just cannot stop at one. They have six dollar pizzas that almost feeds two and terrific salads. This is a great place for dinner and drinks.

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 04/28/09


The Blvd: You spin me right round.

Anybody who has not checked out the Blvd's new location must do so during their next night out on the town. The Blvd is now open in its new spot on 230 W. Riverside where some may remember The Zombie Room was located. I had only been to the Blvd a handful of times when it was down on Spokane Falls Blvd as there was never an aligning of the planets when it came to my taste in music and what they were offering on the given free night I may have had. When I found out it was 80's Prom Night on Saturday night, I couldnt wait to see how the new place looked. The drinks were great, the BBQ is still the best, and it hasn't lost the old Blvd feel either. Speaking of BBQ, you must try the BBQ sampler! It is a very generous platter offering a variety of their finest BBQ appetizers and it is one of the best in town. It was a great pre-booze snack for our party of four. The drinks are strong, generous and cheap so, needless to say, the Adonis approved. Try the Lemon Drop. Even though it's not the Adonis drink of choice, I snuck a sip from somebody else and it was very good. Then there was the music. Now I know why they call the show "I love the 80's" as it reminded the Adonis of his youth and brought back more memories than I have time to share. An 80's Prom Night theme is much needed every now and then. We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly while we danced and played name that tune all night long. The service was great and everybody is friendly there. Go check out the Blvd in its new location!

Posted by: on 04/27/09


Last Saturday - Morty's Tap and Grille

One of my good friends just moved into the apartments very close to Morty's so i am finding myself frequenting the place a little more then normal. Morty's has great happy hour specials and also some great dinner specials like all you can eat spaghetti and steak and bakes. Check their web site often to keep up on the deals.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 04/25/09


Why is the greatest thing ever?

It's the weekend everybody and is the place to find out what is going on and where it's going down. The Adonis Pimp will be gallivanting around the downtown area on Saturday, so you will have to wait until Monday to see what he uncovers. What should you do in the meantime? Call a few friends (text or tweet if that is more your bag), grab your hottest outfit and then check out for the latest info on spots to drink/eat/party this weekend. The Adonis Pimp recommends: Friday: For an after work drink and bite to eat try The Steelhead Bar & Grille or The Library Lounge. For a night of dancing with Spokane's best DJs try The Alter Knit Lounge, Uno Supper Club & Lounge or Marquee Lounge. Saturday: Adonis will be at the Blvd (80's Prom Night), Alter Knit Lounge (Ladies Night, $2.00 Well Drinks for Ladies), and maybe even the Casbah Night Club (always hot on a Saturday night). Remember when making those plans and always drink/party responsibly. See you Monday.

Posted by: on 04/24/09


Introducing: The Adonis Pimp

Welcome to the first installment from The Adonis Pimp. The one and only Spokane Adonis promises to bring you unique and insightful glances into the Spokane area nightlife including but not limited to restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Besides indulging you with my take on establishments I find myself in, I welcome all suggestions and requests for reviews. Not sure you want to risk your night at an unproven spot you know nothing about? Summon the Adonis Pimp to answer your questions about the place you have heard so much about but have yet to check out for yourself. Be sure you check in often at to find out where Adonis has been lately and don't forget to drink and/or party responsibly.

Posted by: on 04/22/09


Let's get Litz'd - Litz's Bar & Grill

Recently, when it's late, and I'm in the middle of writing my memoirs or snacking on caviar, I like to take a drink break. Usually it's best to get out of the house, so where do I go? Litz's! "Why Litz's?" you may ask... Well originally it was because it's right across the street from my house. But after my first visit inside I realized there is more than meets the eye. My friends and I love going to Litz's because they have pool, shuffle board, an internet jukebox, and very convenient back patio for smoke breaks. Being the "Irish Trash Can," what else can I say about Litz's? I feel like family there.

Posted by: on 04/21/09


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