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Very Nice People - Irv's Bar

This last Saturday I attended this sweet Hoopfest party but it ended super early, at 11:00. We needed somewhere else to go. I thought for a moment as we were walking and saw a place called Irv's. I have never been here before so I did not know what to expect. What I found was very nice people and I even ran in to an old friend. The drinks were great and the dance floor was happenin. My young lady "friend" and I had a great time. For those of you out there looking to have a good time and have fun try Irv's the next time you are out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 06/27/09


A Great Place

Last night we had our Happy Spokane party here at the Far West billiards. From the second I stepped into the bar last night it felt like home. That's what is so great about Far West. You can go there and have some great beers and some great food and just relax with friends. If you have not been there for a while head on down there and say hi to Andrew or Yvonne.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 06/25/09


Shop till ya drop, Margaritas. - Azteca Mexican Restaurants (Valley)

The valley mall is always getting new stores for the most experienced shoppers. I recently enjoyed a full day of looking for bargains at the mall when I turned the corner and I saw Azteca. The margaritas were calling me. Azteca Valley has one of the best happy hours around with menu specials under four dollars and margaritas starting at 3.50 depending upon which tequila you savor. I take pleasure in the chicken soft tacos but you can also find nachos and more to choose from off the appetizer list. On Tuesdays, delight yourself with all you can eat tacos for a mere 5 dollars. There is no better way to end a shopping spree then with a little Azteca.

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 06/24/09


A slice of Americana...

I was about four steps into the lounge at Percy's before the bartender was asking me what I wanted to drink. Well, hello. This alone earns my stamp of approval. Lots of food and drink specials, friendly service, and big screen TVs. The stuffed mushrooms were tremendous. I could tell Percy's was teeming with regulars and I felt welcome to become one of them. I don't know how many cocktails in Spokane have earned legendary status, Percy's Long Island Iced Tea is one of them. Enjoy one and become a member of an elite local club.

Posted by: on 06/18/09


Amazing Hill of Nachos - Cyrus O'Leary's

Cyrus O'Leary's is a Spokane icon nestled about as downtown as you can get. I have always had a good experience at this fine establishment. I hate to admit that I have not gone there for a while. I was there last week for the Happy Spokane party and decided to partake in the Chicken Nachos. Let's just say I was NOT disappointed with my order. These may be one of the best nacho plates in the area piled high with cheese and chicken and olives and green onions...MMMMMMM! When you are out and about and looking for a place to grab a beer and in need of some great food head to the heart of Spokane.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 06/18/09


Shane is nice - O'Doherty's Irish Grille

I had the pleasure of joining O'Doherty's on Tuesday evening for a little drinky of the beery. I met Shane, the youngest of the O'Doherty bros. Shane is nice. I drank some beer, listened to a celtic jam, got the hiccups, Shane gave me a spoonful of sugar to cure the hiccups, I thanked Shane very much, and when I got my bill at the end of the night, I was pleased to see that it was cheap.

Posted by: on 06/16/09


FREE ALERT - Cyrus O'Leary's

Remember way back when, when I told you I would post about all the cool free stuff that bars and restaurants offer? Well, I just found a new place. Cyrus O' Leary's offers FREE wings and vegetables on Fridays from 4-7pm. And, they aren't the crappy dried out brick hard wings either, they were actually really, really good and not too spicy, just the way I like them. The veggies were fresh and they had a massive assortment and they were in abundance. Not only are they offering FREE, tasty, food, but they have some drink specials too. Awesome. This is the place to be after a long week of work and you just want to chill out and have your dinner prepared for you, FREE!

Posted by: on 06/09/09


Gather Round - Round Table Pizza (Five Mile)

I was expecting more of a Chuck E Cheese kind of atmosphere when I went here for my little cousin's graduation party and was quite pleasantly surprised with the quality of their food. I started off with a salad at their salad bar and it hit the right spot. Normally I am not a big fan of salad bars cause everything looks like its been sitting around for a while but theirs was actually really good. I ended up having wings too, and, yet again, they were perfectly crispy, not dried out....mmmmm. I found two great places to have wings this weekend and I won't forget about them. Also, their pizza was great, yet again, I was not expecting it, but it was more than good. The star of the show was the twisted cheesy bread sticks that our family couldn't get enough of. All in all, if you love pizza and haven't tried this place before, you really are missing out on some great fare. Gather round The Round Table!

Posted by: on 06/09/09


Creating a Stir

So my movie date bailed on me last minute, and I found myself needing to revise my Saturday evening on the northside. Where to go? Lyons Ave? Newport? Northside cinemas? Hmm, I guess not. In the meantime, I made a return visit to Stir to consider my options. And I CAN label this happy hour reliable. Stir has only a small number of beers on tap, but they are a very good cross section. They offer specialty martinis that make you look like you're at a great Hollywood after party. Ahh, the best part, I've tried several different appetizers in two visits to Stir. Thumbs way up. Stir also has really friendly service that will ensure I come back. In review, order a smaller popcorn and take your date to Stir for the french fries and chicken skewers pre or post movie. And until next time, Ill be seeing you in the bar.

Posted by: on 06/07/09


A bacon lover rejoices

So I've been emailed a couple of times in the last week about this. I am going to assume that I am not the last one to the party. describes itself as a superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor. Hmmm. Bloody Marys? Ok, Im listening. However, I am hearing that the trendy accompaniment for bacon-flavored vodka is - chocolate liqueur? Of course it is! What else would it have been? Now bacon-flavored vodka doesn't just have a seat at my breakfast table, its a dessert, too! Have you found a place that serves one? What do you think?

Posted by: on 06/02/09


After a grueling fifteen minutes of mowing the lawn... - Casa De Oro (Northside)

One of the first things you see upon entering the Casa De Oro lounge, is an ominous quote painted on the wall, "they'll never take us alive!" attributed to Pancho Villa. Inspired and suddenly feeling rogueish, I pondered making my way through the regulars crowded around the small bar, taking a shot of Jose Cuervo and becoming a charismatic leader and martyr of North Mexico! My sensibilities returned. The Casa De Oro happy hour is particularly fantastic during the summer hours. Half price wells, margaritas, and most appetizers. The free nachos in the lounge are a nice touch, but the real magic is the outside seating, the Dean Likes! One last thing, Corona and Pacifico are staples, but if you haven't tried Dos Equis on tap, you're missing out.

Posted by: on 05/31/09


Part Winery Part Venue - Caterina Winery

The other night I was looking for something to do and a friend of mine suggested we go to the, Caterina Winery. I was a bit confused since it sounds like his plan was to tour a distillery. Yet I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the reason for going there was to see a local concert. Caterina is a perfect place to get a nice glass of wine or a more high class beer while watching your favorite band. It's setup is very moody, and to get to the bathroom you have to pass by large cauldrons of fermenting wine, pretty cool. Located in Riverfront Park off of Washington, the winery is a perfect summer time chill spot.

Posted by: on 05/29/09


Gushing River...and Heart - Anthony's Homeport

Boy, I haven't been to this place since it use to be owned by an events company and I went to a wedding there. That was a long time ago. I should have been back sooner. We went for the happy hour yesterday and had one of the best lemon drops I have ever had for $3... I am not just saying that really was that good. We also got 3 sliders for $3 and a shrimp, crab and artichoke dip for $5. Seafood is good. I like seafood...a lot. So when you can get oyster shots and shrimp for 50 cents I am in the right place. Not only was the food yummy in my tummy but the happy hour is in the bar and also on the patio. This is not a regular patio...this is probably the best patio in Spokane as it overlooks the Spokane Falls. It is absolutely beautiful to be able to eat great food outside on a sunny day overlooking a beautiful river and downtown Spokane. Yesterday was a good day. Mmmmm...I will be sho.

Posted by: on 05/29/09


Thumpin at Thumpers

I have never been to Thumpers before but we had our most recent happyspokane party here and it was definitely a good one...if you weren't there you missed out. They have an awesome jukebox, huge drop down screen for massive sports games, poker tourneys, arcade games, pool tables, and cheap liquor and booze. This was a great place to have our was fun. Check it out next time you are on the north side, you shant be disappointed.

Posted by: on 05/29/09


All in the Name - Goodtymes Bar and Grill

If you have not been to Goodtymes yet for their happy hour then you are missing out. Every weekday from 5 to 6 you can get domestic beers or well drinks at two for the price of one. Or, buy two at half price as they like to say. This is an incredible deal. If you find yourself there on a Friday then make sure to say hello to my brothers. I often wonder why they frequent Goodtymes every Friday. Is it the amazing happy hour prices, the scrumptious nachos, or the outgoing waitresses? I recommend you go there and decide.

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/27/09


Red Wine

Vin Rouge is known for more than just their red wine. Happy hour starts at 2:30 and goes until 5:30 and runs again from 9 until close. During happy hour you can find a menu of plentiful sandwiches, salads, breads and more. You will also find discounted beer, wine and martinis. I enjoyed a chicken sandwich with a tootie frutie martini and was very gratified. The service was first-class, the sandwich was more than enough and the martini was fabulous. You will love this place!

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 05/27/09


Great Wine - Downriver Grill

Hello everyone and thank you for reading another installment from the Lord of Libations. As many of you know the Downriver Grill has great food and a wonderful atmosphere. BUT, did any of you know that on Tuesdays you can get half price bottles of wine? I was there last night and I bought a bottle of the Lone Canary Barbaros for only $14. It was crazy good. Anyway, if you have not been to the Downriver Grill please do and if you can sit at the bar or in the patio. That is where I have had the most fun.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 05/26/09


Stir it Up

We had our most recent happyspokane party here (May 14, 2009, we have probably had another one by the time you read this, which would make the Stir party not the most recent anymore) and I had never been here before to eat. I live in the downtown area and rarely get out to the north side, but if I was going to recommend a bar for the northsiders, this would be the one. They have some fried artichoke hearts that were delish, especially after you dipped them in a creamy gorgonzola sauce, and for $4 during their happy hour you really can't beat that. This is the trendy, small, hip bar that the north side has been aching for. Bob Marley's song should really be their theme song. Stir it up at Stir, and bring a friend too.

Posted by: on 05/19/09


I < heart > Waddell's Taps - Waddell's Neighborhood Pub and Grill

Here's some of the new beers on tap at Waddell's on South Regal:

Dales Pale Ale, Moms Hefewiezen from Rogue, Chipolta Ale from Rogue, Laganitas Maximus IPA, Stone Pale Ale, Rogue American Amber, Alaskan Weitber, MOOSE DR(.)(.)L, and last but not least: the XS Imperial IPA by Rogue.

Thank you Waddell's, for just BEING YOU.

Posted by: on 05/19/09


Patio on the water - Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery

If you're like me, and you should be, you love this time of year because it is the time of year for...the patio...and the drinking on the patio...and the friends and the drinking on the patio..and soon 12 hours has passed and you are still on the patio and it's 2am on the patio...and they are asking you to leave. I went to Bardenay a couple weeks ago and basked in the sun, drank champagne, and enjoyed the beauty of Coeur d'Alene and the water. Although I wasn't there 12 hours, I could have been, it was so comfortable. I'm off to Bardenay again this do pretty much the same damn thing.

Posted by: on 05/15/09


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