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Well, all I got to say is that myself and all my friends had a great time at MarQuee on Halloween. It was very fun, great music, and lots of great costumes. It was packed which is just the way I like it. Lots and lots of people, lots and lots of drinking and lots and lots of fun.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/03/09


Bloody Mary Bar - Press

If you like bloddy marys then you will love Sundays at Press. They have a bloddy mary bar where you get a glass and a shot and then proceed on down the line pick your vegetables, spices, and other juices to create your own masterpiece. It's like hair of the dog and breakfast all at once. It is even kind of healthy. :)

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/03/09


Halloween Party - Outback Steakhouse (Northside)

Halloween ONLY!!

2.00 domestic drafts, 3.00 import drafts, 3.00 well drinks, 4.00 margaritas & Wallaby Darned, 4.00 house wine
Halloween kids eat free all day, 12 and under

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 10/31/09


Halloween Party!

Let's all meet at Far West Billiards on October 28th from 7:00 to 10:00 for some Halloween fun. Great drink and food specials. Prizes for costumes! Lots and lots of fun.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 10/28/09


Ate too much but it hurts so good.... - Luigi's Italian Restaurant

I have lived in Spokane for over three years now, and I'm sad to say that it took until this month for me to discover Luigi's. Normally for birthdays my family has a tradition of heading over to Olive Garden, but this year my father wanted to try something a little new and different. So we headed over to Luigi's for a different take on Italian food. The restuarant is great, decorated with old pictures and souvenairs from the days when the building housed the Salvation Army. We were led to a table right away and almost immediatly had our waitress in front of us ready to take our drinks orders. As a family that tends to chat, it took a few minutes for us to look over the menus and get an idea of what we wanted. I had a Lemon Drop that was pretty tasty, slightly tart but just enough sweet as well. For appetizers we ordered the crab and artichoke dip with bread. If you are a bread fan, you have to try the fresh baked loaves from Luigi's! It was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and so tasty. We devoured every last bit of the dip, which was a good blend of flavors and not too seafood tasting (my boyfriend didn't even realize it had crab in it). My dinner entree was Broccoli Radiatore with Chicken, which was tasty and fun to eat. The noodles reminded me of the fun shaped Kraft Mac and Cheese from my youth, though the sauce was quite a bit better than anything found in a box. My dad had the Pheasant Ravioli, which was pretty good, but I think the sauce was a bit too strong and covered up the taste of the pasta filling a bit. In the end the bill was pretty high, but my boyfriend and I split it between food and drinks so it was affordable. My dad had received a $13 off coupon in the mail and we used that toward the food bill and it really helped. If you happen to luck into one of these coupons for Luigi's, don't just let it expire. It is totally worth while.

Posted by: on 10/05/09


Asian Fusion with a Dash of Formal Wear - Mustard Seed Asian Cafe

For myself and my companions it was just another Saturday night going out to eat at the Mustard Seed. But to the throngs of teen girls in elegant gowns and fashionable short dresses, as well as their dates in what I mostly saw as black shirts, black pants, and colorful ties, it must have been something more. It has been a while since I was up on Homecoming and Winter Formal Dance dates, but I think I can safely assume a high school dance was on the schedule. Otherwise I was very under-dressed. Because it was a weekend evening and because of the teens in formal wear, there was a bit of a wait for a table when we arrived, but I don't think it was much more than 15 minutes. Once we were seated our waitress showed up pretty quickly for our drinks orders. My boyfriend ordered sake as they serve Momokawa brand there, which is his favorite (and if you are ever in Forest Grove, Oregon, take the tour of the Momokawa Sakery, it is pretty awesome). I tend to like my adult beverages on the fruity side, and ordered a Convertible, which was a mix of raspberry liquor as well as some berry and citrus juices. It was delightfully tasty. For appetizers we had gyoza, or potstickers, which were soft and warm and just a tad spicy. They came with two different dipping sauces which were both pretty good. We also shared some spring rolls, which were bigger then expected, and reminded me more of eggrolls. Dinner was Beef with Broccoli, which had thick pieces of steak mixed in a savory sauce with broccoli as well as other vegetables. It was served with rice, which rounded out the flavor and texture of food nicely. My boyfriend had the Thai Chicken Coconut Curry noodle bowl, which sounded strange on the menu but turned out to be delicious. The bill was reasonable for four people who had ordered appetizers, entrees, and drinks, though maybe not reasonable enough for dining there every day. However the food was tasty, the drinks were great, and the atmosphere was fun and gave me a hint of nostalgia at the sight of those Homecoming dresses.

Posted by: on 10/03/09


YUMMY!!! - Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar (South Hill)

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!! The food and atmosphere were awesome. From the greeters at the door, to the wait staff, to the food. I had the boneless buffalo wings which were absoutley delicious. They were done to perfection. The atmosphere was great as well. The bartenders were on their game!!! I would highly recommend going there during there happy hour and endulging in any of there happy hour specials...

Posted by: on 09/28/09


Using Happy Spokane

I want to make sure everyone is utilizing to its full potential. Did you know that you can search by the name of the bar, zip code, days of the week, times of the day and location. The whole idea is for you to search for 5:00 on a Wednesday night so you and your friends can meet up after work for inexpensive food and drinks. Keep checking out the site and tell all your friends.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 09/23/09



Well again the Blue Spark has proven to be a great place to hang out. Thursday nights are half all wine and champagne.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 09/17/09


Sliders - Zola

There is nothing better then $5 sliders and an ice cold $1 PBR. The happy hour at Zola is awesome and the food is great. If you don't like PBR then you can get a $1 draft of Bud Light. Head down there from 4:00 to 6:00 for a bunch of other great deals too.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 09/16/09


Date Night - Stix Bar & Grill

Stix is a newer renovation of what use to be Twigs and use to be Bin 8920. It is now a little sports bar and it is super fun. If you get a chance check it out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 09/12/09


A great Spokane Valley destination - Max at Mirabeau

The MAX at Mirabeau is straight-up class. Seriously. From the decor, to the professional bartenders and servers, to the lengths that the wine selection goes. So the Dean might bring a client here if he needed to impress. Or, gents, listen up, say he was looking for a relaxed atmosphere after work to woo the future Mrs. Martini. Oh, and attention all other bars, there are COUCHES! The kind that let you drop sonnets on your date and with enough room to work so that the guy on the couch next to you isnt stealing your material. The MAX happy hour offers discounts on martinis, wells, and draft beers. Where the MAX really shines, and my frugal friends will enjoy this, a half-priced appetizer selection that is fantastic. The flat-top sliders with boursin cheese, garlic aioli, roasted red pepper coulis were a meal for two, and the Hummus & Chili Grilled Pita gets a huge thumbs up, too.

Posted by: on 08/27/09


On the tracks and rollin... - Iron Horse Restaurant (Valley)

The Iron Horse in the Spokane Valley is your consummate neighborhood bar (That is if your local neighborhood bar is located on a Spokane Valley major arterial.) The patrons all know the names of the bartenders and servers. This is a friendly place so expect to make some new friends when you visit the Iron Horse. The Iron Horse happy hour features $2 Bud and Bud Light cans!! Well... hello! When the Dean is looking for a place to crunch some aluminum and catch some fall football, this will definitely be on the short list. Easy to find, lots of parking. Ill be headed back to try something liquor-y I saw that looked delicious and appeared to be served in a half-carafe. And, saving the best for last, this is one of the few places in Spokane that you can find Quilters Irish Death. Awesome! The Dean says hello to all my new friends!

Posted by: on 08/27/09


Worth the Drive - MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

I recently spent time with family and friends celebrating the birthday of an old relative. Yes I mean old. He passed one of the decade marks. He was in town from Portland and suggesting Mackenzie Pizza was the perfect choice. Mackenzie River Pizza is a restaurant you can only find in Montana and Coeur d Alene. If you have not been there you must go immediately. It is fabulous. I had a strawberry lemon drop martini and rarely have I indulged in one fused with the perfect blend of vodka and real strawberries. This is the way martinis are suppose to be made. The pizzas are out of this world. I highly recommend the Natural Grain crust. I hold myself to be a pizza coinsurer and I have yet to find a crust this delectable in this area. What if pizza does not sound appetizing? Mackenzie Pizza also offers other menu items including salads, sandwiches, and pastas along with a full bar to quench your thirst on the hot summer days. Do not wait for a celebration to visit this place. It will become one of your favorites!

Posted by: Senorita Margarita on 07/31/09


Tiny but Fun Bar - The Riff

Spokane has some pretty cool places to go and have a drink. Al lot of times you have driven past many of them unknowingly. Thus the reason for this blog entry. The Riff is a very small bar with a decent sized patio located on 215 West Main. You have probably driven by this and seen the small amount of neon glowing in the window. I stopped by here for the first time not too long ago and I loved it. It was a great place to hang out and have $1.50 bottles of PBR and just enjoy ourselves. Not to mention they are one of the only places that offers a $5 40oz of PBR. Now that is fun!

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 07/30/09


Risking neck injury with all of these TVs...

All right, so Heroes and Legends has, historically, been a little bit hit and miss as a great bar experience. If you havent been back since the establishment was bought by the family which runs DeLeon Foods, I am here to report that Ive had a few great experiences here recently. Some friends and I visited during a recent Shock watch party, and the experience couldnt have been much better. We had the entire depth and breadth of the menu on our table, and there was absolute satisfaction with the food. The items from DeLeons were fantastic, the green salsa is first rate, I dont think Ive ever had better! I think our servers name was Stacey, and well, hello... With the laser-like focus of a Davila to Vijil touchdown pass, she made accurate delivery after delivery to our table. Not to mention - patient - is probably a good word to use to describe their servers dealing with a sea of orange-clad Shock fans. So my thanks to the establishment for a great night. With a television in every corner of the building, H&L will continue be a great destination for the fall sports season.

Posted by: on 07/26/09


Come for the view, stay for the food! - Fast Eddie's

You might be rolling through the intersection of Trent and Division, glance over at Fast Eddies and think to yourself - man, it looks like they are having fun in there. At any given time, you are probably right! Fast Eddies is packed with large screen TVs, so at any given time you can be watching about three or more games. Well, hellooo. Fast Eddies has great happy hour beer specials. On Thursday, I was able to enjoy a Stella Artois for 3.50. Zeer aardig! Besides being a great place to meet up with friends or multitask your sports viewing, theres also the food. Fast Eddies gets my vote for best burger in Spokane. You cannot miss on the burger baskets here. On Thursday I tried the Sausage and mushroom pizza which absolutely came to play. My pal tried the Gorgonzola fries which was a meal in itself. Fast service, great food, and food and drink specials every day of the week.

Posted by: on 07/11/09


Dance the Night Away - The Game

Thursday nights at Uno are very fun. Even though I have no rhythm at all I still have a great time trying and watching my friends. There are a lot of people who are very experienced dancers and a few like me who are there to learn and just have fun. Besides the dancing the food is great and there are usually some great people there to meet.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 07/09/09


Beer and Song

Last night we stopped off at the Blue Spark for a half price bottle of Champagne. We were very excited to see that our dear friend Heather O'Brien was singing. Not only that but we had some amazing nachos while we watched. I just can't tell you how fun that is.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 07/09/09


Yak it up, Fuzzball... - Screaming Yak

The Screaming Yak is quickly achieving legendary status here in Spokane. (Im not on the committee that decides that.) The Yak is noisy. Concrete floors, friends laughing over beers, and blaring arias appropriate for shooting pool. However, imagine yourself ready for beer and to meet up with friends after a day under a florescent gulag. Or perhaps youve just finished game 3 of a softball tournament. Maybe you are looking for a place to catch the game. These are all valid reasons to visit the Yak. The BEST reason is because you are craving buffalo wings. Arguably the best wings in town. I highly recommend the inferno wings, and the Dean recommends this but it is not for the faint of heart. The waitress, who was awesome and made sure I had a great time even though I was rolling solo, also sold me on my first Molson draft. Im sold. Her work here is done.

Posted by: on 06/30/09


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