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Random Stuff

I love to go out in Spokane. There are so many great places to go. The other night we met some friends at Raw and I had "da bomb" which is amazing. The next night we moved our party over to Zola and had a great time. There are a lot of great places and only so many nights to frequent them.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 03/11/10


Most Awesome Beer Ever? Maybe - Steam Plant Grill

From the very first sip he took of his Vanilla Bourban Stout, I knew my boyfriend was in love. A look of pure bliss spread across his face as his first tentative sip turned into an admiring gulp. When he set his glass down and looked back up at me I knew that he was a goner. No beer would ever be as good, no drink would ever bring such happiness again. It was our first trip to the Steam Plant Grill to eat, and so far it was going pretty well. I had ordered a soda as well as a Rasberry Cheesecake Martini that was nice and fruity, and my boyfriend had taken the waitress's advice and ordered the Vanilla Bourban Stout. And he loved it. Our dinners were pretty good as well - I had the chicken cesear salad and he had a giant steak sandwich that looked like a turnover - but that paled in comparison to the boyfriend's beer. He described it as a vanilla, chocolate, rich flavor. I took a sip, but beer isn't my thing so I couldn't quite agree with him. Luckily my own drink was pretty tasty - though a little heavy on the whip cream - and my dinner was excellent so I was pretty happy as well.

Posted by: on 03/11/10


Keep It Classy Spokane - Peacock Room

Real class starts with amazing architecture and it doesn't get any better in Spokane than the Davenport Hotel. A stunning stained glass ceiling greets you just inside The Peacock Room, a superb lounge. Marble and gilt accent the granite tables, where you can relax in upholstered arm chairs or perch on the leather pub stools around the bar. The Peacock Room features a daily drink special and today happened to be their frothy and fabulous Key Lime Martini. Stoli Vanil vodka is mixed with sweet and sour, pineapple and whipped cream to give the drink a fluffy, dessert-like mouth feel. Happy hour is 4 - 6 p.m. daily when appetizers feature reduced pricing. The Cougar Gold Cheese Dip is the most popular for a reason. Hot melted cheese meets roasted garlic, shallots, pepperoncini and olives served with toasted bread - scrumptious! Or try the Fresh Dungeness Crab Cakes with special house sauce - I like the cakes extra crispy. Date night is every Wednesday when you can enjoy an appetizer, a choice of four entrees and a dessert for $24.95. The Peacock Room is tasteful and elegant, yet still accessible. Where else can you get Foie Gras at the bar? The Peacock Room is inside the Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane at 10 South Post Street.

Posted by: on 02/25/10


Fresh Pressed Fun - Press

Press sits snugly inside the space next to Qdoba and Quiznos on Grand across from Sacred Heart Hospital. Fresh "pressed" juice is what makes their martinis so special - in fact the lemon drop is one of my favorites in the city. The lemons are fresh squeezed, and a dash of fresh orange juice gives this traditionally tart martini a sweeter side. The sleek stainless and black lacquered look belies the neighborhood feel. Press is a place where hospital interns watch the Zags play and girlfriends meet for an upscale cocktail. Greg the bartender makes a delicious drink and doubles as a server extraordinaire. Happy hour is 3 - 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. - 2 a.m. daily with $4 well drinks (get the fresh juice mixer), and $4 house wine. Some beers are always just $2 including Moose Drool, Trout Slayer, Fat Tire and Dales' Pale Ale. Live music by Dan Conrad Thursday nights starting at 8 p.m., and Saturday night features a mix of jazz, classical guitar and singer songwriters from 8 - 10 p.m. Press opens early Sunday at 11 a.m. starring a Bloody Mary Bar - choose your own spices and garnishes ranging from artichokes hearts to prawns, pickles and pineapples. Prepare to party Sunday nights (25% discount for service industry) with a DJ starting at 10 p.m. Press is situated at 909 S. Grand Boulevard in Spokane.

Posted by: on 02/19/10


Skipped the Gin, but love the joint!

This was a stop that I will be making again in the very near future. Make your way to the lounge and find that it is probably busy, noisy, and everyone will be in a very good mood. Why? Discounted drinks and buy one, get one free appetizers, of course! Tonight I had the nachos, a Greek appetizer plate, and two beers for under $20. The best part for me? The elusive Copperhead Ale by Red Hook is on tap here! Its been so long. Well, hello!

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/17/10


Wine and Great Food

So if you like great wine and great food you should actually head down to Niko's and see what is happening. They have one of the best happy hours now and their food is still great. Check it out.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/16/10


Happy Spokane Bar Parties

Hello Everyone,
Happy Spokane has a unique opportunity for bar owners. We like to have what we call a Bar Party. What we do is come to your establishment, usually on an off-night, and help promote a party. There will be drink and food specials and prize drawings. We will be Twittering, Facebooking, Emailing and telling everyone to come up for this event. Very minimal cost with a great potential of getting folks in the door who may not otherwise visit. Email us today to book your party.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 02/03/10


Great Drinks - PJ's Bar and Grill

I can tell you one thing. PJ's has a great happy hour. My buddies and I went up there on Tuesday and found out that they have $1.50 well drinks and you can double it up and make it tall for $2.00. I know! Totally crazy. They have music and lots of pool tables and pretty much everyone is super nice. This is a great local bar that is a great place to have a drink with your friends.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 01/19/10


Music, Drinks, and Fun Fun Fun - The Viking Tavern

The night started at the Knitting Factory where local bands were playing. I went with my sister to see Two Word Culture, which was loud and angry and fabulous. I had one drink at the venue, a very tasty amaretto sour, while my sister bought herself several beers. After the show we decided to meet up with some of my sister's friends at the Viking, for a few more drinks and a few more laughs. We picked up my friend Ani on the way there so I'd have a buddy, which turned out to be a great idea as my sister was the social butterfly of the evening and kept wandering off. That was okay, though, as the Viking was a perfect spot to finish out the night. A band was playing live when we arrived. They were pretty good, but I sadly can't remember their name. I'm not a big beer drinker so I just ordered a couple of Smirnoff Ices. I always appreciate bars that carry those "girl" beers, as I think it shows they care about the customers who wander in and aren't terribly fond of normal beer. Ani and I sat at the big round firepit and listened to music and watched the crowd and built a skyscraper out of salt and pepper shakers. People flowed around us, some stopping to say hello, several gentlemen commenting on how awesome Ani looked (I think it was her fedora) and everyone generally having a good time. I love the Viking because it seems so friendly and welcoming and laid back and fun.

Posted by: on 01/15/10


Breakfast of Champions - The Swinging Doors

Well, I can tell you this about Sunday mornings. I need a bloody mary stat. Not always of course but there are those days when they taste and feel really good. So, let me tell you all about The Swinging Doors. Many of you have probably heard of this place and may have even frequented the place. For those of you who have not it is one of those places where you go to eat when you can stop watching your figure for a day. The food is greasy spoon. Grab a bloody mary and the Swinging Doors special and you are set for the rest of the day. The food is great and they have enough TVs to keep everyone happy, maybe too happy.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 01/10/10


A great way to ring in the New Year - Steelhead Bar & Grille

I hit up the Steelhead with my boyfriend and my friend Ani while we were bar hopping on New Year's Eve. I thought we'd have a drink or two and then head on down the road, but we immediately grabbed ourselves a table when we arrived and ended up settling in for the rest of the evening. I was starving and decided to order some food, as did my companions. I had the chicken cesear salad which was very good. My friend Ani ordered the teriyaki steak points which came served up in a martini glass! To drink I started off with a Strasberi Lemondrop which was so good, I ordered another one when I finished the first. After that I decided to shake things up a bit and ordered a Singapore Sling. It was similar to the Strasberi Lemondrop and just as tasty. At one point in the evening we were joined by my boyfriend's sister and her friend. They chatted with us for a while and ordered some drinks (dirty Shirley Temples), but had to be somewhere at midnight so didn't stick around to actually drink them. Ani and I were happy to make sure the drinks didn't go to waste. We were all so busy talking and laughing and playing around that we actually missed the stroke of midnight, but realized it was happening when the fireworks went off. The Steelhead was a great place to spend the last few minutes of the old year and ring in the first minutes of the new.

Posted by: on 01/01/10


Way to start New Year's Eve off right - Bistango Martini Lounge

For New Year's Eve I wanted to partake in some good old fashioned bar hopping. Since I'm not exactly an expert on the watering holes in downtown Spokane, I asked my friend Ani to pick our first stop. She chose Bistango Martini Lounge because it had great Bellinis, and we were in a champagne kind of mood. The place was basically standing room only when we got there, so we squeezed ourselves in at the end of the bar and ordered some drinks. I had the Passion fruit Bellini which was super tasty, while Ani had one mixed with pomegranate. The place was decorated with festive balloons and the patrons had on party hats and glowing necklaces. There was also a great singer doing live numbers near the front door. He did a great job of carrying his voice over the excited din of the holiday crowd. My boyfriend ordered a drink called the French 75 which he was interested in because of the name. It turned out to be made mostly of gin though, which he isn't fond of, so I was happy to finish it for him. Bistango is a little pricey but the atmosphere is cool, the drinks are super tasty, and the lounge is totally worth visiting.

Posted by: on 12/31/09


Holiday Party

Well, what can we say. Happy Spokane had another great party at a great establishment. We had a DJ, prizes, contests, Trivia and there were great food and drink specials the whole time. Thanks to the staff for being so great and thanks to Ken at Stir who helped put the whole thing together.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 12/17/09


Fun at the Elk - Two Seven Public House

The Two-Seven Public House is a cozy spot for a well-made cocktail and lively conversation. Tucked behind Lincoln Heights Shopping Center on 29th, it's known by Spokanites as belonging to those great folks who operate The Elk. Try an Italian Sidecar made with Skyy vodka and your choice of lemon or orange San Pellegrino. Refreshing and thirst quenching after a day of brutal holiday shopping. If you need a warm-me-up the Mug-O-Mounds is amazing (Malibu Rum, Kahlua Mocha, hot cocoa and topped with whipped cream). The place has a low-key come-as-you-are vibe, even when it's packed. Service is reliable and fast. The soup is good and changes daily. The Roasted Tomato, Ham and Cheese joins cougar Cold white cheddar with roasted garlic, bacon and cream. Tasty and satisfying, the soup is always $3 a cup and includes bread. The Two-Seven Public House is located at 2727 S. Mt. Vernon St. on Spokane's South Hill.

Posted by: on 12/14/09


Keeping Warm on a Cold Night - O'Doherty's Irish Grille

I went with a couple of friends to my first ever hockey game on Saturday night (which was awesome) and afterwards we decided we wanted something to eat. We parked in downtown and then walked several blocks to O'Doherty's, which would have been okay but it was freezing. As soon as we sat down in a booth I knew I was going to need to order something to warm myself up, and pronto. The Sleigh Ride looked pretty tempting, a concoction of hot chocolate, fire cinnamon whiskey, and whipped cream. I had to sip it very delicately at first since it was pretty hot, but it was so good I didn't mind burning my tongue a little! I felt less frozen in no time and was able to enjoy my food (Irish Nachos which are basically fries covered in cheese and bacon with sour cream and salsa on the side) and my conversation with my friends.

Posted by: on 12/12/09


Mac & Cheese - Zola

OK, well as many of you probably know Zola is a cool place to hang out. What many of you probably don't know is that Zola has one of the best Happy Hours in Town. 3 to 6 they have half price appetizers and $1 PBR Drafts and $3.50 Wells. It is amazing. I usually get the Colby Beef Sliders but if someone gets the Mac & Cheese I am always eying that. It is made with this super creamy cheese sauce but the beauty of it is the chunks of bacon. I know it is not healthy but guess what, that does not change the fact that it is delicious.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 12/11/09


Trivia night! - Hooters

The Dean would like to give props to Hooters for its absolutely underrated Tuesday trivia night. There are several places throughout Spokane, Cheney, Couer D Alene that hold a weekly trivia night. However, Sara and friends do a fantastic job with their organized, efficient, and fun game of trivia each week. Kudos. Hooters doesnt typically have a dearth of happy hour specials, but the service is fast and friendly, and Tuesdays feature an all you can eat buffalo wings special. One buffalo, please! And if you know your Cougar Quarterbacks or Star Wars planets, you might just end up winning a little something for using that grey matter of yours.

Posted by: on 11/19/09


Full Tummy - Best China Buffet

If you are looking for a way to fill your stomach as full as possible for a flat rate then look no further. This place is great. Lots of different foods and almost everything is delicious. There are a few things that I just won't eat but somebody must because they keep serving it. ANyway, if you are looking for a new buffet then try Best China Buffet.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/12/09


Fun Little Place - Brooklyn Deli and Brooklyn Nights

If you like the baby bar then you will like Brooklyn Nights. It is a very small bar with a few tables and a great selection of beers. If you stop by and they are still serving food then try the food from the Deil, it is very good.

Posted by: Lord of Libations on 11/12/09


A giant, leisurely, lunch.... - Elk Public House

I'm not usually one for going out to have lunch during the day, as it takes time and money and I can easily grab an Easy Mac or something at the office. But today the boyfriend was aching for a real lunch and a real beer, so he invited me to The Elk for something to eat. I've been to The Elk before at dinner time and for a drink, but this was my first lunch-going experience there. They were pretty busy but we managed to find a table and after a few minutes a waiter. I ordered a soda (since I was returning to work afterwards) while the boyfriend ordered a beer he had never heard of before. It was a very dark and heavy looking porter, which neither of us could remember the name of, and he said it tasted "interesting." We ordered off the regular menus as they didn't seem to have a special lunch menu, and then we waited for a while for the food to arrive. I got the Chicken Cesar Soft Taco with pasta salad, which was super huge and super tasty, and which I couldn't possibly finish. Boyfriend had the reuben sandwich, which he loves, and the pasta salad, which he is also pretty affectionate about. The bill was only slightly less than what it would have been for dinner, since I didn't get a grown-up drink, but it was still reasonable for having a real meal at lunchtime. It does take a bit longer to get your food than it would at a fast food place, but if you have the time and the appetite it is well worth it.

Posted by: on 11/10/09


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